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by Jan Wedel

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It's "Just UI", Isn't It?

548 programming webdev angular

Explaining how complex UI development can be.

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Why You Should Do Coding Dojos

595 programming testing social skills teams

In this article, I want to explain why I think every team should do Coding Dojos. So first, let's start with the basics.

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Java is Dead - Long Live Java

661 programming java career

The History and Future of Java

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The Fear of Effectiveness

781 programming teams career

A little story about my first internship.

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Mainstream is not a Bad Thing

829 programming social career

A little piece on why being part of the mainstream is not a bad thing.

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The Three Stages of a Developer

886 programming social

How developers develop themselves

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Why you should start using JUnit 5

1,825 programming testing java

My favorite features of JUnit 5

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Don't Drink Too Much Reactive Cool Aid

1,957 programming java web server reactive

Should we all be writing reactive code?

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Everything That's Not Tested Will Break

2,311 programming testing

The pitfalls of not testing or the benefits of doing it.

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Modern Java Development is Fast

16,612 programming testing java microservices

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The Magical Password

6,367 programming wtf

A Debugging Story

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Microservices On-Premise

6,026 programming server microservices

Using Microservices in an On-Premise Scenario - The Testing and Deployment Monolith

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Capture The Bug

1,451 programming testing

This short article deals about how to handle bugs in TDD environments.

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First Impressions of iOS Development

2,407 programming ios swift

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vert.x - The Awesomeness of JavaScript brought to the JVM

3,344 programming wtf java vertx

The Callback Hell

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Java 8 - Streams, Lambdas and Other Goodies

1,811 programming java

This is a collection of some nice stuff that Java 8 provides.

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Don't Use Garbage Collection Intentionally

1,294 programming wtf java

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Sitemaps for Static Views with Arguments

1,793 programming python django web

This article explains how to easily pass arguments to reverse() in a static view sitemap in Django, Python's web framework.

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NoReverseMatch at /admin/r/14/13/

1,561 programming python django

This article describes how I resolve an error Django gave me

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Programming Languages

1,886 programming

My personal programming language experience

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OPC & DCOM - The Good Parts

1,253 programming wtf server windows

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Apple's Swift - The Concurrency Story [UPDATE 1]

1,437 programming wtf swift

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Testing time-dependent code

1,617 programming testing java

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Refactoring Legacy Code

1,209 programming testing

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SublimeErl is not runnning EUnit tests

1,650 programming erlang sublime

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TemplateSyntaxError: 'newtags' is not a valid tag library

1,273 programming python django

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Markdown and CodeHilite

1,201 programming python django

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Why I hate Windows

2,609 programming

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3,441 programming wtf

My personal list of daily WTFs

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