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by Jan Wedel


Hi, there!

I'm Jan Wedel, a software developer based in Berlin, Germany. This is return code, my personal blog. You will find mostly tech related stuff, but not necessarily since I'm interested in lot's of things.

Just check out the blog categories to find specific topics or use the search on the top right to find articles by title, content or tags.

You can find me on Twitter, and GitHub.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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GridSolve - Nonogram Solver

You like solving Nonograms?

You need help to solve it?

Then you should try GridSolve. It allows you to enter a Nonogram which then will be solved, step by step. You can go through each step and see the changes that will help you solve your griddle.

Try GridSolve Tutorial

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Besides coding, I also write, play and produce music.

You can listen and download the songs for free. My songs are a mix of Pop, Electronic and RnB. They are co-written and sung by singers Suga and The Cyan.

Listen to Stealthmusic

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General - EuropaCity - Impressionen Oktober 2021

Willkommen zu einem weiteren virtuellen Rundgang durch die werdende EuropaCity. Wir beginnen am Hauptbahnhof, an dem der KPMG Tower nun seine...

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