return 42;

by Jan Wedel

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Java is Dead - Long Live Java

661 programming java career

The History and Future of Java

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Why you should start using JUnit 5

1,825 programming testing java

My favorite features of JUnit 5

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Don't Drink Too Much Reactive Cool Aid

1,957 programming java web server reactive

Should we all be writing reactive code?

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Modern Java Development is Fast

16,612 programming testing java microservices

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vert.x - The Awesomeness of JavaScript brought to the JVM

3,344 programming wtf java vertx

The Callback Hell

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Java 8 - Streams, Lambdas and Other Goodies

1,811 programming java

This is a collection of some nice stuff that Java 8 provides.

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Don't Use Garbage Collection Intentionally

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Testing time-dependent code

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